My name is Caroline Eyal Burstein.

I am a ceramic designer and artist. My primary goal is to create warm decorative elements in the space and I aim to combine classic design with pure art. 

Through the process of creating new products I developed some special design methods. 

I studied in “Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design” in Jerusalem, which is known to be the best design academy in Israel. 

My final project is about recreating a unique Byzantine floor from the Hanita Museum (the history museum of my kibbutz), to it I add an element of spectacular research of colorful clay.

I have never made a copy of any of my works, therefore each piece that I have in my portfolio is unique and the only one in the world.

My path towards the creative and design world started when I was a young girl, my parents told me that I used to draw amazing sketches already as a very young girl. 

My passion was to always do whatever I do in the most creative way.

My desire to for sculpting changes from one project to another. Sometimes what drives me is the desire to express a position, sometimes I do it for the sheer act of creation, and sometimes I do it because I want to create a better product than the existing products I already know.