2018 – Graduates Exhibition Bezalel Curators: Yael Etzhni and Eran Erlich

2017 Students exhibition does not say ick on art – Bezalel Ceramics Department
Uri Lipschitz The Identity of Pain and the Tel Aviv Government Curators Ilan Beck and Hila Rotberg-Berlinsky

2014- Student Exhibition From the Flight of Material – The Center for the Study of Birds Treasures Talya Tokatly and Maya Mutzavsky Parnas

2013 – Beginning of studies at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in the Ceramics Department.

2013- Bezalel Academy of Art and Ceramics and Glass.

2013 – Preparation for Bezalel with Yitzhak Delanga.

2013- 2 solo exhibitions at the Hanita Library

2013-2016 – A statue is placed in a central square of the kibbutz.

2012 – Participation in the exhibition “On the Fence” in the Western Galilee.

2000 – Participation in an art exhibition in the kibbutz

1996 – Participation in an art exhibition in the kibbutz.

1996 – Studied with Yitzhak Delanga and Lee Rimon.

Publications in communications and invitations to exhibitions:

The exhibition of Uri Lifshitz
http://efifo.co.il/ Bezalel-Ori-Lifshitz